Rio Carnival Costumes

Be Part of the Samba Parade

Your best carnival experience starts when you decide to be part of the Rio Carnival Parade with a real samba costume. There is no better way to experience the heartbreaking samba beats than to parade down the world’s biggest “stage” yourself, dressed with a samba school costume. Watching from the sidelines is exhilarating just in itself, but taking part in the event is a cultural experience that will be remembered for ever.

Carnival Costumes Rio

Join this coming together of Brazilian music, poetry, dance, theatre, gigantic decorated floats and a veritable sea of costumes. Participate in Rio Carnival dressing a costume on your own with a top Brazilian samba school. Dress up in a beautiful Carnival costume, feel the heartbeat while parading. At Carnival nights, be the star, wear a real samba costume with a famous Samba School.

Parading is like day-dreaming. You will want to do it every year. It’s also the best way to enjoy the true spirit of Rio Carnival. Here you will find everything you need to get ready for the real thrill.