10 Parading Commandments. Or Costume Etiquette

The DO’s and DON'Ts on parading with a Rio Carnival Costume

The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 01Don't Use your Carnival Costume before the Big Day.
Don't even think of using your costume before the parade, let’s say, at a street party or to show off on the beach. You may damage it or loose part of it. If any part of your costume is not in perfect conditions, you won’t be accepted at the Samba School and therefore will miss the parade.


The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 02Do not drink and Parade.
The samba schools won’t let you parade if they feel you can pass out or misbehave in the big show. That will cost the samba school to be penalized by the judges and they are there to win the competition. You don't want to get caught with a P.U.I. – Parading under influence.

The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 03Wear your costume and nothing more.
You should wear your costume and nothing more than that when you go out to the warm-uip area. Do not wear your regular clothes because there’s no place for you to change other than on the streets itself. And most certainly you can not take them into the parade. You will have to leave them behind. Don't be scared. At the subway system, most of the people will be in costumes for the same reason you are: they are going to parade as well.


The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 04Use the Subway System whenever possible
The metro, or subway – if you prefer underground or tube – is the best and most economic way for you to reach the warm-up area fast, safe and sound. The warm-up - concentração in Portuguese - is the place where your co-paraders meet up before the big show.
The subway system in Rio is air-conditioned, clean and safe. As we said, you will surely meet other paraders,which may help you to find your way when you get off the subway.


The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 05Get Off at Estaçao Praça Onze or at Estação Central.
If your school is first, third, five or seventh scheduled to parade for this evening you have to get out of the metro at Estação Praça Onze. You samba school will meet up in front of a building known as Correios (Post Office in Portuguese).
If your school is scheduled second, fourth or sixth you have to get out the metro at Estação Central. Your samba school will meet up in front of a building known as Balança mais não cai.


The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 06Avoid carrying Valuable Stuff
Please refrain from taking valuable things with you to parade. You can’t have a bag. Best is to have a pouch belt or small bag that you can hide under your carnival costume. Take a copy of your passport or picture ID and some reais for the water into the most little bag you can find. In brief, hide the bag under your costume. You won’t be able to parade with any other items than your costume itself.


The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 07Arrive Early at the Warm-Up area. Don't take chances.
Please be sure to get to the concentração of your samba school at least 2 hours before the scheduled parading time. You will have to find your own wing – ala – and that can be a little hard. With your costume, you will receive instructions with time, date and place for the warm-up area.


The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 08Be prepared for delays.
Sometimes there are delays that will cause your school to wait an extra 30 to 90 minutes. A big float for a samba school before yours may break or get stuck in the way which normally causes the following samba school to delay its presentation. For that reason, drink as much water as you can before the parade, have a red bull and eat a fresh salad or something real light. You will need lots of energy for the big night.


The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 09Help Your Samba School WIN the competition
Remember that you are there to have fun, the time of your life but that the 10,000 of people involved in your school community is there to win, win and win. And they need your help. These are some things that you can do to help: smile all the time during the parade, do whatever the wing directors say you have to do, do not fall down or let go of any part of your costume. During the parade is not that important that you know the samba song by heart, but try to sing it even if what comes out of your mouth has no sense or meaning. Plus, you don’t need to know how to samba. In fact, there is no time for samba. Follow your group, move and drag yourself to the end.

The 10 Parading Commandments Rio Costume - 10Have the Best time of your Life
Parading is a magical time you won’t know how to explain when it’s over. Sing your song out load, dance any way you know and can. Have the best time of your life. Believe me. And you will want to do it every year.