Rio Carnival Balls 2019

Enjoy the Private Carnival Parties on Copa Palace and the Rio Scala

Rio Carnival Balls 2019
Expect a lot of action at Rio Carnival balls where visitors join in the mayhem. We’re talking about the elegant Magic Ball - held at the ball rooms of Rio’s most prestigious hotel, owned by the Orient Express chain, the Copacabana Palace Hotel – and the most fun series of balls held at the Rio Scala, now in Downtown across the street from the city landmark, the Municipal Theater.

There is no time for respite during the Rio Carnival and the 2019 Carnival promises to bring you even more parades, partying, music, and dancing. While every nightclub and bar throws a five-day long party, Rio Carnival balls at prominent locations like the Copacabana Palace Hotel draw the elegantly dressed and costumed elite. For seven days and nights, Rio de Janeiro throws a fantastic party with amazing colorful parades held throughout Rio de Janeiro neighborhoods and the Carnival official stage, the Rio de Janeiro Sambadrome. History of the Rio Carnival Balls

The Copacabana Magic Ball

The most elite event of all Rio Carnival balls is the Copacabana Magic Ball at the Copacabana Palace Hotel. The rich and famous from all around the globe walk the red carpet at the Copacabana Hotel where high fashion and five star services add to all the pomp and circumstance of the glittering event. Tickets for the Magic Ball command the highest price. However, budget permitting, this event is not worth missing if you happen to be in Rio during the Carnival. With the 2019 Carnival around the corner it would be wise to make your reservations now. Two samba bands entertain the crowds through the night with a traditional Carnival buffet and drinks served by the finest chefs from the Copacabana Palace Hotel.

BALL Standing
Noble Room
Golden Room
Magic Ball
Saturday, Mar 02
U$ 838 U$ 1298 U$ 1758

The Fabulous Street Parties

There is no dearth of street parties in Rio during the Carnival. Every street corner plays host to Carnival street bands that attract huge crowds with the mesmerizing sounds of the samba. Everyone is invited to join the party and you can expect to drink and dance the night away without having to pay a penny. These fabulous street parties are the best way to experience the carioca style of celebrating. During your visit, you cannot afford to miss these free Rio Carnival balls that continue non-stop during the 5 days of the Carnival.

Tickets For The 2019 Rio Carnival Balls

Tickets to the 2019 Rio Carnival Balls are now available but are, like always, selling out fast. However, it is wise to book your tickets soon to avoid disappointment, especially if you plan to join the celebrations at the Magic Ball or Scala Rio Balls. Most balls offer two types of tickets. VIP box tickets include a table and dinner for two, while standing tickets are the more affordable option that includes only entry to the event. All tickets provide access to the ballrooms.