Rio Carnival Parades

Learn About the Parades: Access League, Special Group and Champions

Carnival Parades

King Momo signals the start of Carnival parades throughout the city of Rio. The parading order for the 2019 Rio Carnival was decided by raffle at a ceremony organized by LIESA, the body that organizes Carnival parades. The opening act at the Sambadrome is the Access Group Parade that will commence at 10 pm on Carnival Friday, 04th March 2019.

This is the first in a series of Carnival parades held over the next four days at the Sambadrome. Saturday, March 02nd is scheduled for the second day of Access Group competition where samba schools in the second league will put up a spectacular show in a bid to gain a slot in the Special Group in 2019. Carnival parades by the elite group begin on Carnival Sunday, 03rd March with six schools in the Special Group performing bestadium.

The winner of the last year's Access Group will be the opening act which begins at 10 PM. The next six samba schools in the Special Group follow on Carnival Monday, 04th March.