What Rio Carnival Costume is Best For You?

Choose the Perfect Carnival Costume and be a Part of Carnival.

Orders are not accepted after December 15th 2018 so if you want to swing to the samba beats as part of a prestigious school now is the time to get your costume.The samba schools put in plenty of hard work to create the most extravagant costumes for the most highly anticipated party at the Sambadrome. A costume is your ticket to participating at the Samba Parade, where you can participate in the parade as a member of a samba school.

The costumes are divided into two categories, namely carnival float costumes, and carnival ground costumes.  Costumes for the float are more complex since they are the main attraction. Ground costumes are generally common to all members of a wing. Orders for samba parade costumes need to be placed with the samba schools well in advance.

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