Brazil Carnival Costumes

Understand Carnival Costumes and their role in Brazil Costumes Parade.

Rio Costume Imperatriz Leopodinense Samba School Carnival 2012if you believe that watching the Rio de Janeiro Carnival parade from the bleachers sounds pretty amazing, now imagine being actually part of it. Every year, most of the samba schools open up positions for outsiders to take part in the parade in a real Brazilian carnival costume. Selling the costumes is the way the samba schools have to finance their own costs. Outside paraders are also needed for artistic and competitive reasons. To gain high points the samba school needs to have enough people to fill the blocks and make the parade look complete and colorful, including the Brazilian carnival costumes.

To parade in Rio Carnival - desfilar in Portuguese - you need to commit to a school and buy your own carnival costume, which you can do it right at our website with or without the assistance of true cariocas who want you to have a ball.

Parading is the real thrill, , an experience that is second to none - to take part in the parade in a real costume, to the hip-moves and beats of samba, on the largest stage on the planet. Watching the parade is certainly once in a life-time thing. But parading with a Rio de Janeiro Samba School carnival costume is more than that. You will want to do over and over again.

Parading in a real Brazil Samba School Costume is serious stuff.
See How you can Help your School win Points in the Competition

  • Keep up your enthusiasm, drive, and excitement throughout the whole length of the Avenue. This is a huge factor on what it takes to WIN!

  • Each of the (approximately 4 thousand) paraders has a fundamental role and choreography. Be sure to be precise with your movements and performance and maintain good energy. Your performance too will be judged and added to the school’s score.

  • Don’t forget to sing your samba song! The chanting chorus and bellowing drums hype up the crowd and reflect well upon the school. Also, the judges will be looking to see how well the members know and sing the samba song. (All the samba songs for each school are made known as early as 3 months before Carnival starts. All of Rio will be sianging them and you should be as good as they are.

  • Harmonize and get in sync with your group. Show your strength, happiness and vitality along the Avenue. If you don’t know how to samba, don’t worry. (Some say that it’s better not to samba, since it can sometimes hold up the progression of the school) You will soon learn the special way people “hop along” the samba run-way. Try to imitate that movement and look jolly and animated

  • if your school makes it to the top 6, you will be able to parade once more in the Champion's Parade on Saturday, Feb 29th. If this should be the case, contact your president for the new meeting details.

What’s the Average Price of a Brazil Carnival Costume?

Average prices for 2022 costumes vary according to the parading day. Access group parades on Feb 21st and 22nd offers economic packages and – trust us – are just as much as fun, while Sunday and Monday are more expensive. This is because the twelve groups that form the Special Group parade on Sunday and Monday. Saturday belongs to the samba schools that form the access group, “fighting” for a place among the best twelve on the following year. Prices also vary according to the school's fame and reputation, the samba school president's pricing policy and the costume details.

Brazil Rio Costumes 2022

Ground wings start at US$ 250 and can cost as much as US$ 800. Float costumes vary between US$ 300’s to $ 1,000.
Be aware of market prices charged by some Samba Schools, specially Beija Flor and Mangueira. Costumes prices for these two schools is always higher than the others. They are also the first ones to sellout their costumes, due to their fame and winning history.

Remember that All VIP Service costume package prices include guided-assistance in English and roundtrip transportation from Copacabana to the Sambodromo and back to Copacabana when the show is over. The prices for the VIP SERVICE costume packages are a bit more expensive, but they do offer more comfort and safety. Very important is to remark that if you want to go earlier or stay in the samba arena to watch other samba schools when your show is over, remember to buy an additional ticket to get access to the premises. You will also need to arrange your own transportation back home or to your hotel.