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Rio Carnival Tickets 2020

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Delivery Options

Choose from FREE pick up at our Hospitality Desk located at the ATLANTICO COPACABANA HOTEL, in Copacabana neighborhood - Address Rua Siqueira Campos, 90, at Meeting Room Imperial at ground floor, Exclusively from 10 AM to 7PM, from Tuesday Feb 18th thru Monday Feb Feb 24th, 2020, and on Friday Feb 28th and Saturday Feb 29th, 2020 for those who purchased a Winner's Parade ticket OR have your carnival tickets delivered to your hotel or address of choice in Rio de Janeiro, with a special courier for only US$14 per ticket. Maximum delivery charge for multiple tickets is US$ 30.

Transfers to Sambodromo

Indicate whether you want to book our roundtrip transfers to the sambodromo. Roundtrip transfers are US$ 98 per person

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Call 1-866-930-6020 from US/CANADA or 44-203-203-353-7909 from UK/Europe. A Carnival Expert will help you make your choice.

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Get our Complete Rio Carnival 2020 Guide with Insiders´ Recommendations (Available by January).

Detailed Description and Explanation of the Parade - You will also receive our comprehensive parade description to help you prepare for the big event and better understand it. It will contain the history and a good description of the components of the parade and explain how it works as a competition. You will receive practical instructions and recommendations on how to get to the Sambodromo, find your sector and what to take. It will also explain how to use your tickets and what it entitles you to.

Picking up your Tickets - After booking your carnival ticket, you will receive e-voucher by email which have to be exchanged for actual tickets once you get to Rio de Janeiro, thru our Hospitality Desk located in Copacabana. Actual tickets are only released by Carnival authorities a few days before the event to avoid counterfeit. Our Hospitality Desk will be functioning at the ATLANTICO COPACABANA HOTEL and tickets may be exchanged from Tuesday Feb 18th thru Monday Feb Feb 24th, 2020, and on Friday Feb 28th and Saturday Feb 29th 2020 for those who purchased a Winner's Parade ticket. From 10AM to 5PM, local time.

For pick up or receipt your tickets is necessary that the HOLDER of the credit card used to purchase is present carrying passaporte or a valid ID and ORIGINAL credit card (we do not accept copies). Tickets will NOT be delivered in the event of failure of some of the documents mentioned above or presence of the credit card holder. If the owner can not be present, it is necessary prior submission of documentation for delivery to third parties. We request contact through the email [email protected]

Round the clock Customer Support - We will stand by you until the Samba Parade has finished. We will make sure that you are informed about all your options during Carnival and receive all information materials in time. Any of your e-mails and queries will be replied by an assigned professional representative quickly and efficiently.

Tips and Recommendations:

Read the following to protect yourself from fraudulent ticket sales!

  • Purchase your tickets through a reliable source. (travel agents and hotels)
  • Tickets consist of three parts: a bagde to wear around your neck and 2 slips. The first slip will be taken off at the main avenue entrance and the second one will be taken off at the sector entrance. To have free access in and out your sector, just wear your bagde around your neck. Double check that you receive all parts. Access group grandstand's tickets consist of only 2 parts: 1 ticket and 1 slip that will be taken off.
  • Do not purchase RIO CARNIVAL tickets from scalpers at the gates.
  • Do not plan on discounted rates or free admission after the parade has started.a
  • Do not buy used tickets in hopes that they will get you past the guards.