Choose the Best Rio Carnival Tickets For 2020

Tips and Info to Choose Your Carnival Ticket

Seating options range from the super luxurious to budget. The difference is in the placing of the seats and the amount of space you have to yourself. Book your Rio tickets for the open boxes, the luxury suites, the grandstand or the allocated chairs. Each has an advantage of its own and you can make your choice depending on your budget. Book your Rio tickets for a special chance to dance with the local samba schools if sitting down and watching it go by is not exciting enough for you.

The Rio Sambodromo Sectors

The Rio Sambodromo Sectors

The Sambodromo is divided into 13 sectors with different kinds of seating arranged on the basis of the view you get. Your Rio Carnival tickets for sector 1 will put you with the Samba school artists and the parade formation. Sector 3, 5 and 7 have the best views with the judges seated in sector 7. Sector 9 is where most tourists are seated and 10 is best for open boxes. Rio Carnival tickets for sector 11 offers the best view of the drummers and sectors 12 and 13 provide allocated chairs and give you a view of the parade end.


The Grandstands are the most reasonably priced tickets at the Sambadrome with free seating arrangements except for Sector 9, which is reserved for tourists. The grandstands offer a bird’s eye view of the samba runway. There are no chairs but a comfortable cushion is provided along with each ticket. Buy your Grandstand ticket.

Grandstands or Arquibancadas

The Grandstands or bleachers are elevated in order to provide spectators with an excellent view of the samba parade. While each school passes down the runway, spectators from the grandstands are able to enjoy the parade as a group. For the 2019 Rio carnival, the even numbered sectors were reconstructed.
Special grandstand seating is available in Sectors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8, 10, and 11.
The grandstand seating in Sectors 12 and 13 present spectators with a good view of only the end of the parade.

Grandstand Tips

  • The best sounds from the percussion band can be heard in Sectors 9 and 11. The drummer’s niche is located between these sectors, where the mesmerizing sounds of the samba reach a crescendo. For tourists, Sector 9 is the ideal location to experience the sights and sounds of the samba.
  • The parade begins from Sector 1 and continues through to Sector 13 at the end of the runway. The lower numbered sectors offer spectators a longer view of the parade, while those in Sectors, 10, 11, and 13 are entertained for a shorter time.
  • Sectors 10, 11 and 13 have their advantages. Spectators can view the entire length of the runway and enjoy each wing of a samba school in unison as they make their way down the parade strip.
  • Tickets for Sector 9 are usually reserved for sale to tourists. This is the only grandstand sector with numbered seating. Not many cariocas frequent this sector during the parade.

Allocated Chairs

Sectors 12 and 13 at the Sambadrome have assigned seating arrangements. Tickets for these are among the most affordable. They are ideal for those who want to sit comfortably and secure a place without paying a higher price as compared to the open box seats. Both sectors are located at the end of the runway near the Apotheosis, the place where the samba schools gather after their parade. Buy your Allocated Chair ticket.

Academicos do Salgueiro

Allocated Chair or Cadeiras Individuais

Booking allocated chairs allow spectators to enjoy the best views of the samba parade at an incredibly affordable price. Located along reclining steps you are assured unrestricted views of the parade while seated. Of course, not many spectators remain seated when they hear the intoxicating sounds of the samba. You have a choice of Sectors 12 and 13 and the privilege of a reserved seat which gives you the freedom to move around as you please.

Front/Open Boxes or Frisas

Among the most privileged seats at the Sambadrome are the open boxes or frisas. Located next to the runway in sectors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11, the open boxes do not have any partition in between the seating arrangements with a capacity of 4 to 6 people in each box. The boxes are arranged in four rows namely A, B, C, and D and are equipped with a coffee table. Buy your Front Box ticket.

  • Sectors 02, 04, 06 and 08 are the new sectors. The structures were ready by January 2019 in time for the parades by the samba schools.
  • Row A is closest to the samba runway where you can feel the pulsating beats of the drummers’ right through your body.
  • The seating is each row is on reclining steps so that spectators have an unrestricted view of the samba schools as they parade down the runway. Rows B to D offer better views of the parade.
  • Since the frisas are located at a lower level, taking pictures of the entire samba runway is restricted as compared to the grandstands.
  • Although the frisas have 6 seats each, tickets are sold individually. If you aren’t in a group you can still enjoy the company of other people in your box.

 Rio Carnival experts’ opinions of the Open Boxes as compared to luxury suites

  • The open boxes offer spectacular views of the runway with comfortable seating arrangements at an affordable price as compared to the luxury suites.
  • The open boxes offer unrestricted views of the parade while the luxury suites are enclosed with windows not big enough to accommodate everyone close to it all the time.
  • While the luxury suites may offer a buffet, open bar, and attendant, there are many licensed food stalls selling snacks, refreshments, and alcohol in these sectors.
  • Even though there may be a likelihood of rain, an open box ticket won’t dampen your spirits. The show goes on and you will not even notice the difference once you are in the Rio carnival mood.

Luxury Suites or Camarotes

Luxury Suites or Camarotes

The Sambadrome houses a number of luxury suites available from Sector 2 through Sector 11. These covered boxes or camarotes are the most expensive seats in the house where the who’s who from around the globe come to take part in five nights of revelry. From royalty to politicians and film stars, you will find a host of celebrities comfortably entrenched in these luxury suites. The camarotes offer an excellent view of the parade and the best service including a buffet, open bar, refreshments and alcohol, attendants, and private security as well.  The camaraotes are ideal for groups of 12, 24, or 36 people. However, the windows in the luxury suites can only accommodate less than 12 people at a time. On the other hand, the open boxes offer an unrestricted view of the parade. Buy yout Luxury Suite ticket.