Enjoy Samba Rehearsals to the Fullest

Get ready for Carnival

Samba parade rehearsals are held every year at convenient spots in the samba school warehouses or a club nearby the south area of Rio. Samba rehearsals gains fervor and the excitement peaks with endless technical rehearsals held at the Sambadrome on weekends. If you happen to be in Rio from August to the very weekend before Carnival, get a sneak trailer of the real stuff just by watching these rehearsals.

If you are looking for an opportunity to chill out, try visiting the three most famous rehearsals: Salgueiro, Mangueira and Unidos da Tijuca. The first one is even air-conditioned to provide its visitors with some comfort in the peek of the summer.

Enjoy Samba Rehearsals to the Fullest

You can mix with the crowd and master dance grooves with professional drummers and expert Samba dancers all night long. At schools like Salgueiro and Mangueira, visitors and dance lovers can learn awesome foot tapping moves during Samba rehearsals.

A chance to dance with Cariocas is an added bonus as they are the only ones who can worthily challenge the samba dance experts. Don’t miss out on the concluding samba rehearsals which are awesome with a lot of action, lights and sounds. Popular street bands such as Cordao do Bola Preta and Banda de Ipanema also rehearse weeks before Carnival converting the spots into the largest street party Rio has ever seen.