Technical Rehearsals at the Sambodromo

Technical Rehearsals are a FREE Weekend Program You Don’t Want To Miss

If you are excited about the glamour associated with the Rio Carnival of  2020, be sure to participate at the Sambodromo technical rehearsals, from Early January to the weekend preceding Carnival itself. This is when all the Samba schools prepare for the big parade at the main stage. For the grand parades, samba schools rehearse over and over again with ample sound and light, right from January to February. This gives you plenty of opportunity to get a sneak preview of the actual theme proposed for the school parades. And the best of all, It’s Free and Fun!

Technical Rehearsals at the Sambodromo

The Champ Samba School Gets All The Attention  For The Final Day Of Rehearsal Sessions

The final day is the most sought after for technical rehearsals as it guarantees lot of fun and frolic. Here the big winner from the previous year’s parade enjoy testing of sound and light fittings on the largest stage known to planet Earth. In addition to this, at the end of the technical rehearsals, you get a chance to groove with the celebrators. This serves as a perfect end to rehearsals and a warm welcome to the much awaited Carnival.