The Access Group Samba Parade in Rio

The Access Group Samba Parade Is Great Day To Watch Great Samba Show.

The Access Group features samba schools that aspire to make it to the Special Group the following year. Therefore, you can expect to witness the most spellbinding performances at the Sambodromo on Carnival Friday, February 21st and Saturday, February 22nd, 2020. The excitement builds up as the competitive spirit of the cariocas sets in. Parade tickets for this event are less expensive although you can expect the sensuous samba dancers and samba percussionists to bring the stadium to life the moment they begin their performance down the runway.

Choosing The Best Seats At The Sambodromo

Get the opportunity to watch the samba show on the Access day at the Open Boxes or at the Luxury Suites. Even though the grandstand seats are the most affordable on the night of the Access Group parade at the Sambodromo, it’s wise to pay a little more and experience Rio Carnival like with all its glamour. After all, the Access Group is about 40 to 50% cheaper than the two following nights and as much as fun. Cariocas sure know how to party and it won’t be long before they have you on your feet even though they may be gathered in the other sectors.

Choosing The Best Seats At The Sambodromo

The area between Sector 9 and 11 is the drummers’ niche where you can experience the intoxicating rhythms produced by the ‘baterias’ or percussionists at the highest decibels. Sector 7 is where many of the judges are located since it offers the best view of the parade. Tickets to Sector 5 offer you the best view of both the front and rear of the Access Group parade. If you desire to party in the carioca way then it would be best to join them. The locals are notorious for taking entertainment to the highest level, which reaches its peak during the Carnival.

Plan Ahead For The Access Group Samba Parades

If you desire to be on the runaway then it is time for you to book your carnival costume. If you prefer to watch it which is a great idea, you have a choice of affordable open boxes arranged in groups of 4 to 6 seats and luxury air-conditioned suites that are the most expensive seats for the samba parade. Get ready for a hectic week of non-stop partying. February 2020 isn’t far away