The Special Group Samba Parades in Rio

The Top 12 Samba Schools in Rio are Part of the Special Group

The Special Group

The 2020 edition of the Carnival will include the last year's Access Group winner along with other great samba schools.  Every member of the samba schools work towards bringing fame and fortune to their team and aspire to become the champion and capture the hearts of millions of viewers and thousands of spectators at the Sambadrome.

Warming Up Before The Parade

Samba schools in the Special Group are game for some serious competition although the spirit of solidarity remains high. The participants gather at the area known as ‘Concentracao’ or the Concentration Area, where the drummers, dancers, and other members go through their routine one last time before their final showdown. This is a great spot to get into the party mood where gyrating samba dancers in their exotic costumes and stilettos sway to the rhythmic beats of the drummers. Each team has 10 minutes to warm up before making an entry onto the samba runway. 

LIESA Regulations And Rankings

The LIESA or Independent League of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro is in charge of organizing the annual parade at the Sambadrome. The regulatory body frames the rules of the competition and each school is required to conform to these rules. The 2020 Special Group parade begins on Carnival Sunday with the winner of the last year's Access Group. This is followed by 5 other samba schools in the group. Carnival Monday begins with the school with the second lowest points, which sets the tone for a night of high entertainment.  Each school from the Special Group has 85 minutes to prove their claim over the championship title, which they do with great passion. Points are deducted for exceeding the time limit or for performing for less than 65 minutes. The amount of participants in each discipline of a samba school is limited. 100 percussionists must represent each school. The Vanguard Commission must include 10 – 15 performers. The rules and regulations of the competition are available in the official 2020 Carnival Regulation book.

Special Group Parade Tickets

The Sambadrome is the heart of Brazilian and carioca culture. Millions aspire to watch the biggest party on the planet from up close at the Sambadrome. Unfortunately, the stadium is only limited to 80,000 spectators and there are no prizes for guessing that tickets sell out quickly. The Special Group of samba schools are really something ‘special’, each one providing spectators with entertainment of the highest order. The sights and sounds of the samba drummers and dancers making their way down the runway is something that can be best experienced right here at the Sambadrome. Tickets for the Special Group parade includes a choice of seating arrangements to suit every budget.

Grandstands Or Arquibancadas

Grandstands or bleachers are the free seating areas available in sectors 2 to 11. Sectors1, 12, and 13 also have grandstand seating but offer limited views of the parade. Sector 9, tickets for which are sold mainly to tourists, is the only sector with numbered grandstand seating.

 Allocated Chairs

These numbered seats are available in Sectors 12 and 13 and give you the chance to get up close to the participants. These seats, located at the very end of the runaway, offer an excellent view of the runway and are among the most inexpensive seats in the house. You can wander around your sector without the worry of losing your seat.

Frisas Or Open Boxes

The open boxes or frisas are available in sectors 2,  3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. There are 4 to 6 seats arranged in four rows marked A to D. Each open box comes with a coffee table. Single tickets are available so you will seat with other people in the same box Frisas are located close to the runway and many Carnival experts say they are the best seats in the house. They are less expensive than the camarotes or luxury suites.

Camarotes Or Luxury Suites

The camarotes are the most expensive seats at the Sambadrome, especially during the Special Group parade. The air-conditioned suites are located in even numbered sectors 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. Included in the price of the ticket are buffets, open bar, personal attendant, and private security. Many celebrities from all over the globe can be found partying the night away in the camarotes.

Tips From A Carnival Expert

The camarotes provide spectators at the Sambadrome with the ultimate in luxury. However, they are recommended for groups of up to 36 people since the windows are not large enough to allow everyone to view the Special Group parade at the same time. The open boxes or frisas are the ideal alternative for smaller groups of 2 to 6 people and for those desire unrestricted views of the parade.

Best Time To Get Your Tickets Is .. Now!

Special Group parades are held on Sunday and Monday. These are the two big days so book your tickets for the February 23rd and 24th 2020 today. Carnival Tickets for these two days will allow you to witness popular samba schools like Salgueiro, Mangueira, Beija Flor, Grande Rio, and Mocidade enthrall the crowds with the delightful music and dance steps.