How to Get to the Sambodromo

Taxi, Transfer or Subway? Learn How To Get To Sambodromo

While millions of viewers around the globe switch on their television set to watch the biggest spectacle on Earth, the Rio Carnival, around 80,000 people prepare themselves to head to the Rio Sambodromo on all five nights of the festival. The organizers do their best to ensure that everyone has a smooth entry into the Sambodromo. However, you may want to figure out the best way to reach the stadium is available at many strategic points along the stadium. You will need to take specific routes depending on the sector in which you have booked your carnival tickets. The good thing is just about everyone is headed in the direction of the Sambodromo so there is no way you can get lost.

rio carnival map

Radio Taxi Services

One of the most convenient ways is to opt for a licensed or authorized radio taxi service that can take you straight from your hotel or residence to the Sambodromo. The driver will need to know your sector number so that you can be dropped at the right entrance. Samabdromo access is available at every sector in order to smooth the flow of traffic. The organizers have special arrangements with two taxi companies, which are available outside Sectors 9 and 11 for the convenience of spectators.

Hop On The Subway For Easy Sambodromo Access

An enjoyable and affordable way to reach the Sambodromo is by the subway. On Carnival days trains depart every ten minutes as in increasing number of Carnival goers make their way to and from the stadium. If you have carnival tickets to an even numbered sector is it advisable to get off at Praça Onze, take Rua Carmo Neto and walk on to Av. Salvador de Sá. For odd numbered sectors, get off at Central Station. It won’t be a difficult task to reach the stadium since most people will be heading in that direction, which is a mere ten minute walk. Several chartered buses ply between the subway station and the Sambodromo.

Take Our No Hustle Shuttle Service Bus

The most convenient way to reach the Samabdrome and back home is our roundtrip shuttle service. You will be picked up from a hotel near your hotel at the beach front avenue in Copacabana, Ipanema or Leblon and dropped back. From the sambodromo stadium back to town is scheduled every 80 minutes after midnight, which is planned according to the end of every samba parade. If you do not wish to spend the entire night at the Sambodromo you can avail of our shuttle service. We have special guides to assist you at the sambodromo.


Option 1 - Guided Roundtrip Shuttle Service – US$ 98 Per Person

You can choose to be picked up at your hotel and dropped at the entrance to your sector.
Returning From The Sambodromo To Your Hotel
The shuttle service begins taking guests back home to their hotel after midnight. Each trip is coordinated at the end of every samba school presentation. The main drops off points are the hotels located along the beach from Leme to Sao Conrado. Details of pick up and drop off points are available at your Help Desk during Carnival week.

Option 2 – Private Guided Transfers

For $1,450 you can avail of our roundtrip transfers with an English speaking guide who will accompany you up to the Sambodromo. A car will be available to pick you up at your hotel and take you to the Sambodromo. You can choose to leave the stadium whenever you like. However, please inform our representative half an hour before you wish to leave. The service is available for up to 9 passengers.
Alternative packages include:
Hotel/Sambodromo with guide and Sambodromo/hotel without guide – $1,298
Hotel/Sambodromo with guide and Sambodromo/hotel by shuttle service – $950
Our English speaking guides will only serve you up to the Sambodromo. They will not be permitted inside the stadium. You can contact our personnel for any assistance while inside the Sambodromo.

Option 3 – Taxi Service

Coopertramo, a private radio taxi operator is authorized to ferry passengers from the Sambodromo on all nights of the Rio Carnival. The taxi service  will pick you up at your own address in Rio and, in the way back from the sambodromo to the hotel, it can be availed of from Sector 11 and costs around $60 for a one way trip. Coopertramo’s representative are identifiable by their uniforms. Alternatively, you can call Coopertramo on +55 21 2560-2022 OR 2560-1474.

Option 4 – Subway

The subway is the ideal way to get to the Sambodromo if you are staying in Ipanema or Copacabana and are wearing a carnival costume. In the Zona Sul or the hotel area, the Rio stations are operating during carnival from Friday Feb 21st through Wednesday of Ashes Feb 25th, and are best reached at:

- Estação Cantagalo - Praça Eugenio Jardim – Copacabana
- Estaçao Siqueira Campos – Rua Siqueira Campos – Copacabana
- Estaçao Cardeal Arcoverde – Rua Barata Ribeiro – Copacabana
- Estacao General Osorio – Praça General Osório – Ipanema
If you have parade tickets to an odd numbered sector you can get off at Estação Central and enjoy a ten minute walk along with other revelers to the Sambodromo.
For even numbered sectors, get off at Estação Praça Onze. The Sambodromo is a 15-minute walk from the subway station.