The Sambodromo

Learn How to Get to Rio Sambodromo and More: History and Ticket Types

When the Rio Carnival begins the streets are packed and there are thousands of people celebrating everywhere. One of the biggest celebrations takes place at the Professor Darcy Rebeiro Sambodromo that plays host to the biggest party on the planet. If you desire to attend the celebrations you may want to get to know the stadium better so that you can book seats according to your budget and preferences.

The Sambodromo

Getting To Know The Sambodromo

The Sambodromo was designed by Oscar Niemeyer and built in 1984 to accommodate the growing number of samba schools that entered the competition every year. The stadium is built on two sides of the Marques de Sapucai Street and consists of concrete structures with grandstands or bleachers and other types of seating. All eyes are focused on the 700 meter runway that runs through till Apotheosis Square, a place where all the participants gather after their parade. The Sambodromo has been renovated in time for the 2020 Rio Carnival with additional seating arrangements. The All New Sambodromo

The stadium will now accommodate around 80,000 spectators who have the privilege of being entertained by the best samba schools in the world. There are four new structures with grandstand seating, open boxes or frisas that seat 4 to 6 people and camarotes or luxury suites that are air-conditioned boxes that accommodate groups of 12, 24, and 36 people. Sectors 2, 4, 6, and 8 are new sectors with these different types of seating. Among the spectators are 40 judges who award points to the samba schools that do their best to score points and possibly end up as champions for the year. While the country plays host to many carnival celebrations, the Rio Sambodromo is where the hottest seats in the house are.

A Choice Of Seating Arrangements At The Sambodromo

THE Sambodromo

Oscar Niemeyer has done a splendid job of designing the Sambodromo for spectators to enjoy the best views of the runway. The stadium has four types of seating arrangements which include grandstands or arquibancadas, open boxes or frisas, luxury suites or camarotes, and allocated chairs or cadeiras. Among the best sectors with grandstand seating are 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, which offer excellent views of the parade. Sector 9 is the only grandstand sector with numbered seating. Across from Sector 9, brand new Sector 8 tends to be the best one in the house. Most carnival tickets are sold to tourists that travel from across the globe to experience the true spirit of carnival celebrations.

Grandstand seats are the most inexpensive seats in the house. Next are the allocated chairs or cadeiras that are available in Sectors 12 and 13. The chairs are arranged at an elevation so that every spectator enjoys unrestricted views of the parade, but bear in mind that they are located at the very end of the parade. Most carnival experts agree that the open boxes or frisas offer more value. These seats are close to the runway and allow you to enjoy the parade from a close distance. The luxury suites or camarotes are the most expensive seats at the Sambodromo where buffet, drinks, and the services of an attendant are included in the price of the samba parade ticket. These luxury suites are where you will find the rich and the famous enjoying a night of pure carnival entertainment.

Getting To The Sambadromo

The Sambodromo is in the heart of Rio and is one of the easiest places to find on carnival nights. Radio taxi services, the subway, chartered buses, and shuttle services are all available. Pick up points are usually from the hotels located along the beachfront. Some services include a professional English speaking guide. More tips about how to get to Sambodromo.


There is several food stalls located at every sector for the convenience of spectators. You are permitted to carry two plastic 500 ml bottles and food items into the stadium. These restrictions have been enforced for the security of the spectators. While the samba schools are bound to keep you on your toes, you will definitely want to grab a few drinks and a bite at the food stalls in your sector. This is the right time to book your tickets to the Sambodromo. Demand far outweighs supply so you need to make your reservations today. Tickets for the Champions’ Parade on February 29th 2020 are also much sought after.


Plan Ahead For The 2020 Sambodromo Tickets

If you desire to be at the sambodromo when the carnival tick-tacks, have a choice of Sambodromo tickets ranging from the affordable grandstand seats to open boxes arranged in groups of 4 to 6 seats and luxury air-conditioned suites that are the most expensive seats for the samba parade. In addition, you have a choice of carnival balls and street parties to attend.