Sambodromo Tickets

Guarantee Your Tickets and Be Part of the Biggest Show on Earth

Come Carnival time and  Rio Sambodromo tickets are a hot commodity. The stadium is filled to capacity on all nights with spectators jostling for a prime spot and the best possible view of the samba parade. The Sambodromo is divided into sectors with different types of seating for the convenience of spectators and to provide unrestricted views of the magnificent performances by the samba schools. The stadium is divided into sectors with grandstand seats, open boxes or frisas, and luxury suites or camarotes. It is prudent to acquaint yourself with the types of seating prior to booking your Rio Sambodromo tickets.
The actual  sambodromo tickets are distributed only a week before the Carnival in order to prevent any duplication or misappropriation. The vouchers you receive on your booking can be exchanged for the real tickets when you are in Rio.

Type Of Sambodromo Tickets

If you wish to witness the grandest of spectacles on Carnival Sunday and Monday when the Special Group of samba schools contend for the championship title, you will need to book your Sambodromo tickets well in advance. These tickets are in popular demand and as always the 2020 Rio Carnival is sure to be sold out soon. The grandstand tickets are among the least expensive, followed by the cadeiras or allocated chairs, the open boxes or frisas, and camarotes or luxury suites that are the most expensive seats in the house where the who’s who from around the globe can be found during the Carnival.


Grandstands – For A Great View Of The Parade

The grandstands are elevated seating arrangements and offer a bird’s eye view of the parade. Carnival Sambodromo tickets for the grandstands are available in Sectors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. These stands do not have numbered seating and seats are available on the basis of who comes to the location first. The only exception is the Sector 9 grandstand that has allocated seating. Tickets to this sector are usually sold to tourists. Several Carnival experts rate Sector 7 to 9 as the best for grandstand tickets since it offers the best views of the parade. These sectors commands a slightly higher price as compared to other grandstand sectors.


Luxury Suites Or Camarotes – Luxury Comes At A Price

The camarotes or luxury suites are available in Sectors 2 through Sector 11. These air-conditioned boxes are frequented by royalty, politicians, and many other celebrities from around the world who come together to party carioca-style and witness the biggest show on the planet. These suites are ideal for groups of 12, 24, or 36 people even though tickets can be booked individually. The price includes a buffet, an open bar, and a waiter in attendance, which is why they are the most expensive Rio Sambodromo tickets.


Open Boxes Or Frisas – Value For Money Sambodromo Tickets

Frisas or Open Boxes are available in Sectors 2 through Sector 11. 4 to 6 seats are arranged in four rows from A to D. These boxes are near the runway from where you can feel the every beat of the samba drummers that set the tempo for the samba dancers who captivate the audience with their mesmerizing moves. Each box of 6 seats has a coffee table. Single Sambodromo tickets for these seats can be bought, which most Carnival experts say are the best seats in the house at an affordable price.


Allocated Chairs Or Cadeiras Avulsas – Comfortable Seats At The End Of The Runway

Sectors 12 and 13 have allocated chairs or cadeiras that are well laid out along the inclined steps. Tickets are among the most affordable and guarantee unrestricted views of the runway. Both the sectors are located near Apotheosis Square where the samba schools gather at the end of their parade.

Tickets for the Special Group parade

includes a choice of seating arrangements to suit every budget.