Rio Carnival Winner's Parade

The Best 6 Samba Schools Make a New Parade Just for Celebrate

Ash Wednesday is the day when the fate of the samba schools is made known by the judges. The top six teams come back to perform to a packed Sambodromo at the Carnival Winner’s Parade on Saturday, February 29th 2020. This is a parade of the champions and one that you ought not to miss. Although there is no competition, the samba schools put up a spectacular performance and enjoy themselves even more without the pressure of having to find favor with the judges. The Carnival Winner’s Parade marks the end of Rio de Janeiro Carnival celebrations. You can look forward to some enthralling performances by the samba schools where the energy levels are just as high as competition days.


Only The Top Six Make It To The Carnival Winner’s Parade

The top 12 samba schools fight for the top spots in the Special Group on Carnival Sunday and Monday, where the atmosphere at the Sambodromo is electric. The samba drummers and their bevy of samba dancers get 80,000 thousand spectators to their feet in a matter of moments as the sashay down the runway followed by colorful floats and thousands of participants, each of whom have a specific role to play in the parade. All they have is 85 minutes to unfold their theme-plot and at the same time satisfy the judges who keep a keen watch on the proceedings, awarding points for each samba school’s costumes, dances, drummers, and more. The top six teams with the most points come back to perform at the Carnival Winner’s Parade.

Carnival Winner’s Parade – A Parade Never Short On Entertainment

Samba schools are well aware of the effort and hard work that it takes to become the champions. The Carnival Winner’s Parade is a proud moment for these teams to not only celebrate but reflect on the year gone by. There are thousands of workers involved in the production of costumes, floats, and music that all combine to create a winning performance. For the spectators, millions of supporters, and the samba school members, every school is a Carnival Winner in their own right. The teams will wait in anticipation of their school making it to the Carnival Winner’s Parade on Saturday, February 29th, 2020. If you wish to join them it would be wise to book your tickets now.

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Book Your Carnival Winner’s Parade Tickets Now

The cariocas know how to put up a grand show and the Carnival Winner’s Parade is never short on entertainment. The top six samba schools will put up an extravagant show for one last time before they bid adieu to the Sambodromo and its supporters until the next year. The samba schools have a great opportunity to show off some of their dancing skills and give the spectators a few lessons while proving their dominance at the top. Saturday, 29th February will be no different and you can expect a captivating performance by these schools in front of packed audience, turning the heat up a few more degrees. The Carnival Winner’s Parade is a proud event for the samba schools. The 2020 event will have the schools parade on a wider runway. The excitement is already building up so make sure to book your seats now.